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Anecdotes Aren’t Data, But They Can Nevertheless Be Legitimate Evidence

Here’s an e-mail from Cafe Hayek reader Wayne Mikkelson, shared here in full with his kind permission:

Professor Boudreaux,

Last night my partner and I tried a favorite restaurant here in Ashland, OR, which had been closed for awhile for remodeling and rebranding. Our waiter was explaining to us that they had changed their sourcing of food and moved the menu away from gluten-free to organic. Without any prompting from me, the waiter went on to say that the changes allow the restaurant to employ fewer people and get a leg up on the competition in advance of the likely increases in the Oregon minimum wage.

How’s that for direct evidence?


Wayne Mikkelson
Emeritus Professor of Financial Economics (and Cafe Hayek reader)

Who’d a-thunk it?


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