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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

is this Facebook post, from earlier today, by Bob Higgs:

The Mafia never embroiled us in senseless world wars or endless imperial campaigns. The Mafia never extorted 40 percent of our income in protection money. The Mafia never put anybody in prison for victimless actions such as using certain drugs. The Mafia never blanketed the world with “police” to harass and pester people, shoot their dogs, and terrorize entire neighborhoods in large cities in the USA and elsewhere. The Mafia never created thousands of nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles for them, giving control of them to lunatics in high places and threatening the future of all human life on earth. The Mafia never claimed that its only intention was to promote the public interest and protect people from global epidemics or climate change or an intolerably unequal distribution of income and wealth.  So, tell me again why you worry that without government as we know it, organized-crime gangs might take over.