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Is Donald Trump “Entertaining”?

I hear and read many people – be they Donald Trump fans or foes – refer to him as “entertaining.”  I am not in the least entertained by Trump.  Rather, I’m disgusted and frightened by him.  His humor and antics are those of a schoolyard bully.  He’s unpolished, stupid, foul, and fraudulent.  He appeals to people who mistake volume and certitude for courage and wisdom.  He shamelessly (and with boatloads of economic ignorance) stokes fear of foreigners.  He is uncivilized.  He’s ignorant of nearly everything about which he pretends to be informed.  He’s grotesque.

No, I’m not entertained by a gaudy, boastful, and plainly unprincipled loudmouth such as Trump.  I’m sickened by the sight, and even by the thought, of that menacing creature.

And like Bob Higgs, I fear Hillary Clinton even more – a fact that shows what a cesspool politics is.


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