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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 307 of the 1978 collection, edited by Eric Mack, of Auberon Herbert’s essays, The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State; specifically, it’s from Herbert’s profound June 7th, 1906, lecture at Oxford University, “Mr. Spencer and the Great Machine”:

Our task is to make it clear to the whole nation that a great principle, that which involves the free use of faculties, the independence of every life, the self-guidance and self-ownership, the very manhood of all of us, that commands and constrains us to preserve the inviolability of property for all its owners, whoever they may be.  The inviolability of property is not simply the material interest of one class that happens today to possess it; it is the supreme interest of all classes.  True material prosperity can only be won by the great body of the nation through the widest measure of liberty – not the half and half, not the mock system, that exists at present.  Create the largest and most generous system of liberty, create – as you will do with it – the vital energizing spirit of liberty, and in a few short years the working classes could cease to be the propertyless class; would become with their great natural qualities the largest property owners in the country.