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Some Links

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is a guide to the mountain of debt piled high and heavy – and precariously – by Uncle Sam.

I learned only yesterday of Learn Liberty’s three short, excellent, and informative videos – featuring Deirdre McCloskey and Sarah Rose – on transgendered people.  They are here, here, and here.

Jeff Jacoby – the conservative columnist for the Boston Globe – accurately describes Donald Trump as “a vulgar and loudmouthed egomaniac, as ignorant of public affairs as he is gifted at stoking anger and xenophobia.”  And that’s putting it politely.

My GMU Econ and Mercatus Center colleague Tyler Cowen wishes that Paul Krugman would make up his mind.

Arnold Kling reflects on Larry Summers’s reflections on Robert Gordon’s new book on the alleged secular slowing of economic growth.  A slice:

Take air travel. The main reason that flying takes longer and is less comfortable (for Larry) is that air travel is no longer a luxury. Many more people can afford to fly. As for me, I would say that air travel is more comfortable. I’ll take no-smoking flights, noise-canceling headphones, and on-board WIFI over more legroom any day. For that matter, if you want extra legroom, you can pay for it–you still end up flying for less money than you did 40 years ago.

I think it is easy to forget what computer and communications technology have done. Traveling overseas is remarkably easier now. My wife and I had a vacation in Croatia a couple years ago that we could never have planned and executed in the days before TripAdvisor and GPS. More recently, when we were in Israel, we got around easily by bus, because my daughter could use Google Maps to find bus routes and she had an app telling her when the buses were coming.

Forty years ago, the only affordable long-distance communication tool was snail mail. I don’t know about Larry, but for me going back to that would not be so simple.

James Pethokoukis (citing my George Mason University Econ colleague Garett Jones) explores the economic impact in the U.S. of low-skilled immigrants.