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by Don Boudreaux on February 17, 2016

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I’ve so far watched only the first two of these “chapters” of Jason Brennan’s Political Philosophy: An Introduction.  They’re terrific.  I’m eager to watch it all.

Also from Jason Brennan is this important explanation of the unsavory implications of closed-border policies.

Steve Horwitz writes sensibly about unemployment data.

Here’s Bob Murphy on Paul Krugman’s implausible take on climate change and climate-change policy.

My Mercatus Center colleague Eli Dourado reveals how the F.A.A. thwarts innovation.

George Will remembers Antonin Scalia – and, in doing so, doesn’t forget that judicial restraint can, and has, gone too far.

David Henderson shows that involuntary servitude might not be as dead in the U.S. as it ought to be.  (And a big ‘thank you’ to Rep. Justin Amash for refusing to cotton to tyranny.)

Jeffrey Tucker exposes “Progressives'” ugly history of warring against women.


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