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by Don Boudreaux on March 11, 2016

in Music, Nanny State, Reality Is Not Optional, Risk and Safety, Seen and Unseen, Standard of Living, Trade, Work

The Wall Street Journal exposes Donald Trump’s ignorance even of some basic facts of international trade.  (gated)  (Ignorance of these facts is, in itself, perfectly forgivable.  Ignorance of these facts, however, is wholly unforgivable when, as in the case of the bloviating ignoramus who is Trump, one bellows on endlessly about the realities of international trade.)

Lenore Skenazy rightly warns of the dangers we Americans are forced to endure by those who are obsessed with safety.

David Henderson (and John Stossel) defend full-fledged freedom of association.

Scott Sumner is rightly distressed that even famous formerly pro-free-trade economists are giving aid and comfort to those who would build tariff walls.

Rebeca Zuñiga remembers the late, great Giancarlo Ibarguen.

Marian Tupy calls out Bernie Sanders.

Here’s a fine remembrance of George Martin.  (HT Tyler Cowen)

In the New York Sun, I criticize a March 5th New York Times editorial in support of a statewide minimum wage in New York of $15 per hour.  (That NYT editorial is here.)


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