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Some Links

Matt Ridley champions free trade.  A slice:

Along came Adam Smith and made a different argument, that mercantilism punished consumers and the poor, while rewarding producers and the rich; that imports were a good thing because they raised people’s standard of living by giving them what they wanted at lower prices. With money to spare, consumers bought more things from producers, creating jobs and generating prosperity. If bread was cheaper, people could afford more textiles. Gradually, with the help of David Ricardo and John Stuart Mill, Britain was persuaded of this and by the time Robert Peel, William Ewart Gladstone and Richard Cobden were in charge, Britain had declared unilateral free trade and dared the world to follow.

Ross Kaminsky champions free trade.

Here’s the video of a talk that the great Israel Kirzner delivered at George Mason University last month.

Sandy Ikeda explains the incompatibility of socialism with democracy.

Marlo Lewis will celebrate Human Achievement Hour on the evening of March 19th.

Russ has collected some blog posts together in response to his latest podcast with David Autor on trade.