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Some Links

Sarah Skwire encourages us to travel – and to learn from doing so.

George Selgin responds brilliantly to the boorish David Graeber.

Shikha Dalmia is rightly concerned by the increasing racism and nativism among conservatives.

My former research assistant Mark Perry reflects on socialism’s propensity to fail.

At his Facebook page, Bob Higgs yet again conveys an important truth concisely and eloquently:

To believe in government as we know it is to accept that an enormous range of problems and issues can be resolved only by overwhelming violence and the threat of violence; to reject truth, beauty, love, and peace and to embrace instead lies, ugliness, hatred, and war; to presume that mature human beings can do no better than a group of ill-behaved, nasty little toddlers brawling in a sandbox.

The so-called ‘war on drugs’ was – is – indeed a war on people, especially on minorities.  (One of my regrets for being someone with no religious beliefs is that I cannot console myself with the thought that scumbags such as Richard Nixon are now roasting agonizingly in hell.)

My Mercatus Center colleague Patrick McLaughlin and his co-author Laura Stanley (a GMU Econ alum) explain how government regulations promote economic inequality.


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