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Questions For Those Who Believe that Women Are Underpaid

Here are some question for those many people who believe sincerely that women are significantly underpaid and that the reason for this underpayment is ignorance, prejudice, bigotry, or misogyny on the part of producers who produce goods or services in part by employing human labor:

  • Do you believe that if current producers of goods manufactured with metal suddenly become irrationally bigoted against aluminum that the price of aluminum as an input in production would fall relative to the prices of steel, tin, and other metals and would remain ‘too’ low?
  • Do you believe that if current producers of furniture manufactured with wood were stupidly prejudiced against pinewood grown in Alabama that the price of Alabama pinewood would be, and would remain, significantly lower than the price of similar-quality pinewood grown in Mississippi and in Georgia?
  • Do you believe that if American oil-company executives come to hate Russians that American oil companies could thereby purchase crude oil from Russia at prices significantly below the prices that they pay for similar-grade crude oil produced elsewhere?
  • Do you believe that if clothing retailers were prejudiced against Asians that they would therefore be able to acquire, year in and year out, clothing made in Asian at prices significantly lower than the prices that these retailers pay for similar-quality clothing made in Europe and South America?

Please answer and show your reasoning in the comments section.