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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 144 of the just-published final volume – Bourgeois Equality – of Deirdre McCloskey’s brilliant trilogy on the essence and role of bourgeois values in modern life:

Because the rich and powerful run the government, the poor and other powerless have been regularly hurt by governmental regulation – even by such sweet-sounding regulations as evening closing of shops (making it hard for the working poor to have time to shop) or protections limiting the hours women could work (making it hard for them to hold supervisory jobs requiring one to come early and stay late) or building codes claiming to promote safety but instigated by building trade unions (making it hard to build inexpensive housing) or minimum wages (making it hard for blacks, immigrants, women, and nonmembers of craft unions to get paying jobs).

This afternoon on George Mason University’s Fairfax campus, I’ll have a conversation with Deirdre.