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Some (Mostly Earth Day) Links

George Selgin is writing a primer on monetary policy!  This news is excellent, as the book will be superb both in it contents and its accessibility.

I thank Grant Bosse for asking me to write this Earth Day op-ed for the New Hampshire Union Leader.  (My careless editing of the piece gives the mistaken impression that I attribute the Black Death, not to Yersinia pestis, but instead to staph.)  A slice:

In July 1924, Calvin Coolidge Jr., the Presdient’s 16-year-old son, died of an infection from a toe blister he got playing tennis on the White House lawn. The bacteria that took young Calvin’s life is staphylococcus aureus, known as “staph.”….

Were health-care products such as antibiotics, antibacterial ointments, and inexpensive clean and disposable bandages available 92 years ago, Calvin Coolidge Jr., would have escaped the bacterial pollution that killed him. Factories and vehicles used to produce and distribute these items use energy, and dispense waste. But capitalist production and consumption are not destroying a pristine Eden. Instead, capitalist production and consumption are replacing more immediate and more lethal forms of environmental pollution with less immediate and less lethal forms.

Ben Zycher’s Earth Day rumination begins with

It is Earth Day, when pieties flow like wine, when the self-applause of the right-thinking is deafening, when the antihuman core of modern environmentalism shines bright, and when the destructiveness of groupthink becomes ever more pronounced.

On this Earth Day, Mark Perry details 18 spectacularly wrong environmental predictions.

Mark Perry also sensibly celebrates fossil fuels.

In this new video from Prager University, Alex Epstein also celebrates fossil fuels.

Finally, my dear friend Roger Meiners narrates a 2014 Learn Liberty video on the damage to the environment done by legislation.


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