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Some Links

Focusing on Simpson’s Paradox, Elaine Schwartz shows how accurate statistics can easily lead to wildly inaccurate conclusions.

Emily Skarbek yesterday celebrated the 117th anniversary of Hayek’s birth by pondering Hayek’s soaring lecture “Individualism: True and False.

Bob Higgs warns of the dangers of plural pronouns used politically.  A slice:

No amount of blather about “we,” “us,” and “our” can change the realities of government’s crushing every individual subject to its power into the Procrustean bed of its collective, one-size-fits-all standard, albeit the kingpins always seem to find a way to avoid compliance with the same dictates that supposedly apply to people in general.

George Will exposes another instance of theft by government.

Shikha Dalmia explores the consequences of Obama’s cynicism.

My colleague Alex Tabarrok says that Guru is the best pro-market film that we’ve never seen.

Sarah Skwire reflects on didactic fiction.