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Some Links

Jonah Goldberg explores millennials’ fascination with (what they take to be) socialism.  A slice:

But when asked if they agreed with a more technically accurate definition of socialism — government control of the economy — support dropped considerably (though not nearly enough). Given a choice between a government-managed economy and a free-market economy, Millennials overwhelmingly chose the latter. It seems young people realize that putting bureaucrats in charge of Uber wouldn’t work too well.

Still, it boggles the mind that anyone can see the folly of having the government take over Amazon or Facebook but be blind to the problems of having the government run health care.

GMU Econ alum – and King’s College, London, economist – Emily Skarbek reports on research into political business cycles.

Lawrence Solomon corrects “Progressives'” misunderstanding of Jane Jacobs.

John Stossel is back on the air after his brief medical hiatus!

Steve Lamar highlights some benefits of imports.

George Will examines the mindless intolerance and exclusion that today masquerades on college campuses as thoughtful tolerance and inclusion.

Writing in the Washington Post, Seth Waxman and Ted Olson – each a former U.S. Solicitor General – applaud the George Mason University School of Law being renamed after the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  A slice:

Scalia’s jurisprudence will be debated for years to come. Yet few can doubt that he has had a profound effect on American constitutional law and legal advocacy. Scalia’s particular interest in promoting First Amendment principles, especially in university settings, makes George Mason’s proposal especially fitting.