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Why I Do Not Vote

A Cafe Hayek reader is (as many are) deeply disturbed by my refusal to vote in political elections.  He wrote, in a very cordial and gracious manner, to ask why I do not vote.  Here’s the reply that I sent to him by e-mail (very lightly edited):

I do not vote because I despise politics.  I’ve never met a politician, or even heard of one, who I regard to be fit to rule my life or the lives of any other people.  So I refuse to cast a ballot for any such person seeking power that I believe that no one should possess.

I am active in the world of ideas – teaching economics and sharing my opinion.  That’s an activity that I choose, because I am a free man, to do.  I choose not to participate in electoral politics because I believe that it is a fraudulent, corrupt, and corrupting affair that attracts as candidates – with exceptions too few to matter – no one whom I could in good conscience help to gain the power that he or she seeks.