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This Thursday (June 30th), from 6:00 to 7:30pm, the Mercatus Center will host a reception to formally launch its new Program on the American Economy and Globalization (PAEG [pronounced “page”]).  The reception will be at Mercatus’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters.

My long-time friend and colleague in doing battle with the forces of mercantilism, nativism, and cronyism, Dan Griswold joins me in running this Program.  (Dan will do most of the work, but I’ll share the credit with him equally!)

This Program starts none too soon, given the flaming idiocies about trade and immigration spewing forth madly from Donald Trump’s maw.  (Just a few minutes ago, Trump called for “American economic independence.”  Trump’s pronouncements are seriously stupid – and scary – stuff.)  Of course, the Democrats aren’t excellent on trade, either.

I’ll say more about our new Program in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  In the meantime, if you will be in the Potomac swamp this Thursday evening and wish to be with friends of liberty, peace, and free trade, join us at our reception.  You can register here.