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Some Links

In this past Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, the great Deirdre McCloskey writes of her crossing from being Donald to Deirdre.  A slice:

Professionally speaking, my crossing has been a nonevent, although I suppose I would be the last to learn that someone had blocked an offer at X University because of What He Did. In 1995 I expected to be fired from the University of Iowa. I was willing to accept that rather than to remain a man, but it didn’t happen. To my surprise, I’ve been able to go on professing and writing and publishing pretty much as before.

Jim Epstein ponders the minimum wage and carwashes.

I was recently interviewed by Bill Frezza for the Real Clear Radio Hour.

With the help of newlyweds Matt Bufton and Janet Neilson, David Henderson sings more praises for Uber. (P.S., Congrats, Matt & Janet!)

Ramesh Ponnuru rightly wonders why so many conservatives who insist on the importance of good character overlook the intolerable character of Donald Trump.

The Governor of the state of Delaware, writing in the Washington Post, argues for rolling back the scourge of occupational-licensing requirements.  A slice:

Still, governors and legislators face real obstacles [in rolling back occupational licensing]. Those who work in every affected industry have an enormous incentive to keep barriers in place. Removing professional licensing requirements means more competition for incumbents. Many of them point to the public safety interest in having some licensing system, even though a closer examination would show safety does not explain the need for all of their requirements, as in the case of barbers and cosmetologists.

Speaking of occupational-licensing restrictions, Jeff Jacoby adds his eloquent and sensible voice to the libertarian side of rolling those restrictions back.

Bob Higgs very much likes my colleague Pete Boettke’s 2012 book, Living Economics.