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Some Links

Mark Perry points us to data that show that, on the basis of square-footage per person, housing in America today is less costly than it was in the mid-1970s.  And housing’s quality today is also much higher.

Alberto Mingardi reflects productively on nationalism, socialism, and the state.

Speaking of nationalism, Daniel Bier writes realistically about what the “bloviating ignoramus,” Donald Trump, stands for and what his success at the polls means and doesn’t mean.  A slice:

Trump embodies an ideology that is anathema to classical liberalism, and if he is successful at propelling it into power, we cannot and should not see it as anything less than a failure to persuade the public on the value of liberty, tolerance, and limited government. Nobody who is worried about extreme nationalism and strong man politics should be taken in by the idea that their rapid advance somehow secretly proves their weakness and liberalism’s strength.

In this short video, Johan Norberg argues that those who assert that increased material prosperity does not improve people’s happiness are dead wrong.

Caroline Baum wisely explains that any excess capacity in the Chinese economy is not a problem for the American economy that demands Uncle Sam’s intrusions into Americans’ voluntary exchanges with the Chinese.

Jeffrey Tucker makes the case for libertarianism.  (HT Walter Grinder)