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Wisdom from David Henderson.  A slice:

Sadly, we libertarians have had trouble “selling” our views on this to others. Increasingly, I observe many people around me strongly disapproving of the purchase of a good or an activity and thinking that that is enough grounds for advocating that people be thrown in jail for selling or buying a good, or engaging in the activity. In my state of California, for example, it is now illegal for someone under 21 to buy cigarettes or for someone to sell cigarettes to someone under 21. Under 21! It is illegal in my city of Pacific Grove for supermarkets to package their wares in plastic bags. It is illegal in many states of the union, although, fortunately, fewer than a few years ago, for someone to work in a unionized firm and not pay union dues. There is no shortage of people willing to force other people to do their bidding. THAT is where we libertarians have had trouble.

Bryan Riley rightly argues that the Jones Act protects, not America, but only special interests.

Sandy Ikeda identifies a serious flaw in China’s economy.

Scott Winship unpacks recent CBO data on the economic fortunes of Americans over the course of the past few decades.

Steve Horwitz understandably wonders why “Progressives” aren’t on board with the genuinely progressive Uber.

I’m eager to read Arnold Kling’s new book, Specialization and Trade: A Re-introduction to Economics.

Speaking of Arnold, this new essay of his is excellent.


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