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by Don Boudreaux on June 24, 2016

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Over at Alt-M, George Selgin shares his thoughts from the road.

GMU Econ alum – and British resident – Emily Skarbek has some early thoughts on the reality of Brexit.

George Will offers sage counsel to Republicans: Ditch Donald Trump.

Charles Lane summarizes many of the problems with a guaranteed minimum income.

Barry Brownstein draws important lessons for life from Adam Smith.

Mike Munger is always worth reading.

Also always worth reading is my former professor Randy Holcombe, who here examines the relationship between “Progressivism” and freedom.  Here’s Randy’s conclusion:

Freedom is meaningless if we are only free to make choices that meet with government approval. The Progressive ideology compromises freedom and takes away the individual rights that at one time justified the existence of our American government.

Progressivism is a direct attack on freedom.

Michael Barone likes Arnold Kling’s new book.

Sarah Skwire is correct: toying with freedom is like playing Jenga.


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