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by Don Boudreaux on June 29, 2016

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My student Mark Lutter has a new blog – Free Cities Initiative – that will be excellent reading.  (Reason’s Brian Doherty has already bookmarked it.)

GMU Law professor Ilya Somin (with help from a thoughtful post by Jacob Levy) has here an excellent analysis of Brexit.

Unlike Ilya’s (and Jacob’s, and a handful of other people’s) commentary on Brexit, much of this commentary, as Nick Gillespie rightly complains, is trite.

In this short video, Deirdre McCloskey discusses some misunderstandings of capitalism.

J.R. Clark and Dwight Lee, in this new paper in the journal Public Choice (gated) use the theory of expressive voting to explain political dysfunction.

Steve Landsburg – sparked by what he correctly calls “the latest round of drivel from Donald Trump” – offers a clear and concise lesson on the basic economic case for free trade.


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