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Some Links

It is a fact as scientifically valid as any in the social sciences: anyone so hungry for power that he or she will say or do almost anything to get power is not fit to have power.  Here’s Jeff Jacoby.  A slice:

To be clear, I don’t hate Hillary Clinton. I don’t hate Donald Trump. But I do find them both to be indecent and unworthy, graspers of low character whose rise to political eminence is a terrible reflection on the Republican and Democratic parties. Neither deserves a vote for president. They certainly won’t get mine.

Nick Gillespie thinks that neither Clinton nor Trump knows the facts.  (Me thinks Nick is correct.)

James Pethokoukis reminds us that Ronald Reagan was far more cosmopolitan and (classically) liberal – including, of course, on both trade and immigration – than are the GOP’s currently ascendant pooh-bahs.

Speaking of James Pethokoukis, I thank him for pointing out this excellent essay on trade by the great trade economist Douglas Irwin.

People under 30 are scarily ignorant of recent history.

Mark Perry is right to dust off this video from 1978 in which Milton Friedman offers important lessons about trade.

Sandy Ikeda explains that tolerance, criticism, and humility are core principles of freedom.

Someone who is intolerant, cocksure, and uncritical of statist nostrums (including its potted version of history) is Elizabeth Warren.  My former student Ninos Malek has more.