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If She Can’t Figure Out How to Properly Use E-mail, How Can She Know Enough to Perform the Multitude of Marvels that She Promises to Perform?

Unfortunate and unusual family obligations have kept me out of touch for most of the past week – which means that the substance of what follows has almost certainly been noted by others despite my ignorance of such.  Nevertheless, I here cannot help but note: if Hillary Clinton’s ‘mistakes’ and carelessness justify her escape from criminal prosecution for the manner in which she arranged to receive and send e-mails during her time as Secretary of State, surely this same incompetence, inattention to detail, and gross carelessness render her utterly unworthy to be trusted with the enormous powers that now are entrusted to the President of the United States.

If this woman cannot figure out how to use e-mail consistently with the administrative rules of one bureau of one branch of the U.S. government, what reason is there to fancy that she will be a careful and competent executive charged with overseeing an entire – and gigantic – branch of the most powerful government history has ever known?  Or, asked differently: if Hillary Clinton is too stupid or inattentive to detail to know how to use e-mail consistently with administrative rules of the sort that she herself believes to be essential to modern society, why oh why should we fancy that she is to be trusted with the vast and awesome power that she now seeks over the lives of 320+ million Americans?

If the aspiring master carpenter confesses incompetence at wielding a simple hammer – if the aspiring master carpenter seeks our indulgence and forgiveness for the mess she made, because of her inexperience and ineptitude, when trying to use a mere hammer – turning over to her executive authority over the contents of the entire, state-of-the-art workshop – one filled with the latest power tools – is an emphatically, and especially, bad idea.