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Some Links

I learned only today of this fine essay on trade – from exactly one year ago – by David Boaz.  A slice:

If Saudi Arabia would give us oil for free, or if South Korea would give us televisions for free, Americans would be better off. The people and capital used to produce televisions—or produce things that were traded for televisions—could then shift to producing other goods.

Speaking of trade, Peter Suderman argues correctly that Donald Trump’s trade policies will harm Americans.

Here’s George Selgin on the founding of the Fed.

Higgsian wisdom:

Suppose you were an ignorant, arrogant, crooked, irresponsible narcissist with a gang of armed men prepared to enforce your corrupt and idiotic ideas at gunpoint and to clap into steel cages anyone with the temerity to challenge your vile dictates. And suppose you were a member of a city or county council, a state legislature, or the national Congress. But I repeat myself.

I join Alberto Mingardi in applauding Tony de Jasay’s essays on the economically ignorant Pope Francis.

Jeffrey Tucker brings into sharp relief “the weird Hobbesianism of the Brexiphobes.”

Richard Epstein reflects on Brexit.