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Some Links

Roslyn Layton argues that the mandarins at the FCC should be more humble.

Doug Bandow is correct: Uncle Sam’s meddling in the affairs of other governments puts Americans at greater risks.

I often disagree with Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, but here he is correct – about both the GOP’s sorry rejection of free trade and its sickening embrace of Donald Trump.  A slice:

What Trump has proposed, according to GOP strategist Vin Weber, is “to reverse a Republican stance taken since World War II and embrace the notion of a state-planned economy.” In threatening a 35 percent tariff on many goods imported from Mexico and a 45 percent tariff on imports from China — and by pledging to punish specific U.S. businesses for behavior he doesn’t approve of — Trump is attempting to assume Hugo Chávez-like powers over global commerce.

My old professor Randy Holcombe writes eloquently on Black Lives Matter.

Reading Nick Gillespie is always fun and enlightening.

Matt Ridley describes how ‘industrial policy’ is regressive.