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Some Links

Jeffrey Tucker shares an important lesson from the life and writings of the great Frederick Douglass.

George Will wonders about Donald Trump’s connections with Russia.

For those who do not see that modern environmentalism is very much a religion – one that shares some surprising details with some more-traditional religions – here’s Ron Bailey.

Here’s Charles Hughes on a new University of Washington study of the effects of Seattle’s minimum wage.  (And remember also that not only does it take time for the full effects of any minimum-wage hikes today to play out, any minimum-hikes today in the U.S. occur in an economy that has had a national minimum wage for almost 80 years, as well as in many jurisdictions also state and local minimum wages.  This fact means that the U.S. economy is already geared, more than it would have been had there been in place no minimum wage until today, toward employment practices and business arrangements designed to protect employers and employees as much as possible from the impacts of the minimum-wage’s forced rise in labor costs.  That is, because of both the existing long history of minimum-wage legislation, and the long-standing expectation that such legislation will continue and continually raise the minimum wage, the kinds of employment arrangements in place today already keep the employment of low-skilled workers lower than it would otherwise be.  This reality means that trying to detect the full employment effects of hikes in minimum wages today by looking only at what happens to employment from today forward necessarily is to miss much of the actual effects.)

I can’t wait to read Arnold Kling’s new book!

I fear that Kevin Williamson is correct.

Alberto Mingardi reports on Jeff Bezos channelling Deirdre McCloskey.