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He May Be a Champion of the Rule of Legislation, But He’s No Champion of the Rule of Law

This news item is rich.  Famed law’n’order Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio faces criminal contempt charges for consistently disobeying court orders.

Arpaio is popular with the anti-immigrant crowd for staunchly “protecting” Americans from “illegal” immigrants, most of whose only offense is coming to America without the documentation demanded by Uncle Sam.  “Disrespect for our law” – specifically, failure to abide by Congress’s immigration restrictions – is touted by many people as reason enough to regard undocumented non-Americans as scofflaws and scoundrels and to deport them from the United States.

And yet Sheriff Arpaio chooses to disobey court orders that he dislikes and disapproves of.  The man is a hypocrite.


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