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Some Links

Young Eric Cunningham is that rarest of commodities: an economically informed journalist who sees not only what is immediately obvious but what is less obvious if no less real.  (HT Bryan Riley)  A slice:

These trends in some ways reflect manufacturing productivity across America: a recent study by Ball State University, for example, found that national manufacturing output between 1990 and 2013 rose by nearly $1 trillion, while nearly 90 percent of lost manufacturing jobs from 2000-2010 were caused not by trade, but by productivity gains. In other words: American manufacturers can produce more but with fewer workers, and a job that today requires only one worker might once have required five. Meanwhile, outside of manufacturing, the country has gained tens of millions of jobs over the same period.

Mark Perry riffs productively on a quotation from Frederick Douglass that was sent to Mark by Jeff Jacoby.

Richard Rahn makes a case for free trade.

Bill Shughart and Michael Jensen explain that government efforts to promote ‘green’ energy hurt the poor.

Here’s the latest Love Gov video.

Jeff Tucker is correct: socialists are scarcity-deniers.

In this excellent post from 2011, George Selgin exposes the many faults in today’s arguments against fractional-reserve banking.