George Selgin explores alternatives for reforming last-resort lending.  A slice:

I hasten to add that I regard any need for last-resort lending as reflecting, not the inherent shortcomings of private financial markets, but the debilitating effects of misguided regulatory interference with the free development of those markets. Some of the least regulated banking systems of the past, including systems that lacked central banks, were also famously crisis-free, or close to it.

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is rightly unimpressed with Hillary Clinton’s economic proposals.

Elaine Schwartz looks at economic inequality from different angles.

David Friedman concludes that most people are nice.

David Bier points to evidence that Latinos’ support for liberty defies the stereotype.

California is the scene of a victorious battle in the war against civil asset forfeiture.

My GMU Econ colleague Mark Koyama challenges – very effectively and eloquently – historian Peter Brown’s account of the fall of the western Roman empire.  (HT Tyler Cowen)


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