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Some Links

On September 7th, Cato’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives is teaming with the Mercatus Center to hold a conference in Arlington, VA, entitled “Monetary Rules for a Post-Crisis World.”

Dan Mitchell details (some of) Hillary Clinton’s statist agenda.

Art Carden, writing in Forbes, celebrates Ludwig von Mises.

I join Tyler Cowen in recommending this Richmond Fed interview with Erik Hurst.

The Free Republic of Liberland.  (HT Betsy)

Here’s my brilliant colleague Bryan Caplan’s reaction to the movie Captain Fantastic.  A slice:

1. On the surface, Captain Fantastic is a leftist cliche: not just a socialist living off the grid, but a cultish Chomsky fan.  But I’ve never met a socialist remotely like him.  He’s not just amazingly open to reasoned argument; his intellectual style is perfectly calm and genuinely friendly.

2. Captain Fantastic is a full-blown economic illiterate.  When he looks at stores, all he can see is capitalists gutting American democracy.  The idea that stores make life easier, freeing up time for more worthwhile pursuits, is alien to him.  So is the idea that modern technology makes primitive survival skills obsolete.

Speaking of reasoned argument, here’s Bob Higgs at his Facebook page.

George Leef is unimpressed with the merits of a recent legal action brought by a labor union.

GMU Econ alum Liya Palagashvili draws important lessons from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s showdown with Uber.