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by Don Boudreaux on August 31, 2016

in Civil Society, Crony Capitalism, FDA, Hubris and humility, Prices, Work

Scott Alexander has the best piece that I’ve yet read on the EpiPen pricing scandal.  (HT Alex Tabarrok)  (And I agree with Dorothy Olson’s comment, on an earlier “Some Links,” that the Kevin Williamson essay that I there linked to does not adequately treat the nuances of this case.)

My colleague Tyler Cowen is rightly unimpressed with a top H. Clinton advisor.

And I thank Tyler for alerting me to this excellent Adam Ozimek essay, from last summer, on the minimum wage.

The excellent economist T. Norman Van Cott explains how to avoid falling for the sunk-cost fallacy.

My Mercatus Center colleague Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, and GMU Econ PhD candidate (and native Louisianan) Scott Burns, ponder Louisiana’s recovery from the recent floods.  (In the office today Scott is wearing his “Cajun Navy” t-shirt!)

Elaine Schwartz is correct: passengers should applaud Uber’s surge pricing.

Writing at Forbes, David Henderson shows that paid parental leave is no free lunch – or free leave.


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