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Some Links

Warren Meyer ably defends profits; he correctly points out that earning profits is as ethical as earning wages.

Greg Morin explains the blessings of so-called “price gouging.”  A slice:

Not only should “gouging” be “legal,” it should in fact be welcomed. Gouging ensures a supply of a good even when supplies are constrained. For example, gouging of event tickets ensures that you can get a ticket at a moment’s notice. Although the price is high, would you prefer high price and a ticket, or no ticket?

Where in the United States do the Chinese invest?

George Will is aghast at U.S. politics in this election year.  A slice:

His [Trump’s] trade policy is liberalism’s “industrial policy” repackaged for faux conservatives comfortable with presidents dictating what Americans can import and purchase at what prices, and where U.S. corporations can operate.

Charles Krauthammer is aghast at U.S. politics in this election year.

David Henderson exposes a really bad argument against the legalization of marijuana.

My Mercatus Center colleagues Matt Mitchell and Chris Koopman examine certificate-of-need legislation.

Here’s a superb collection of some of the best Nobel speeches by economists.

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold has the scoop on an up-coming Mercatus Center event, on trade, on Capitol Hill.