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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 17 of the 1992 Liberty Fund edition of John Taylor‘s remarkable 1822 tract, Tyranny Unmasked:

41khs6s9h4l-_ac_us320_ql65_Why did God give brains to natural heads, if man could make a political head, better fitted to discern what will contribute to individual happiness?  If a political head is better adapted for the attainment of this object, then the divine beneficence, instead of being the first of blessings, has only inflicted upon us the regret of having received a natural capacity to pursue our own good, which we are prevented from using by the interposition of political power.  But, unfortunately for this policy, the artificial head must be composed of natural heads, which will retain the impressions with which they were born.  They are impelled by the same self-love implanted in other heads, to pursue their own interest; and if they are invested with a power of controlling the capacity of other heads to do the same, they universally exert it for selfish ends.


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