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Some Links

Steve Landsburg is rightly disturbed by Hillary Clinton’s astounding ignorance of the most basic principles of labor economics.

Robert Coleman correctly argues that there is no moral duty to vote for the lesser of two evils.

I’m with Sheldon Richman:

Oh so now we’re all supposed to have a favorite world leader? Include me out.

And with Charley Hooper:

Asking a libertarian to name their favorite world leader is like asking a vegan to name their favorite steakhouse.

Dan Mitchell warns us to beware of Hillary Clinton’s greedy, grasping, gouging hand.

Arnold Kling highlights a key passage in a paper by my colleagues Pete Boettke, Chris Coyne, and Pete Leeson.

Also from Arnold is this set of thoughtful reflections on Erwin Dekker’s book The Viennese Students of Civilization.

Here’s Pedro Schwartz’s Presidential address delivered at last-month’s general meeting, in Miami, of the Mont Pelerin Society.  A slice:

A group deserving blame [for today’s rise of populism] are the professors, philosophers, sociologists, economists, and journalists who have committed la trahison des clercs, as Julien Benda called it, or the treason of the clerisy, to use the name given them by Deirdre McCloskey. For more than a century mainstream intellectuals have done nothing but extol the virtues of socialism, harp on the defects of the market, lament the alleged exploitation of the poor, and denounce the immorality of capitalism.