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by Don Boudreaux on October 8, 2016

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Mark Perry – linking to a column by Thomas Sowell and an article in my colleague Dan Klein’s Econ Journal Watch – puts collegiate “diversity” in perspective.

Speaking of Econ Journal Watch and collegiate diversity, here’s a short clip featuring newsman Brit Hume.

GMU Econ alum Abby Hall Blanco draws lessons from Trump’s taxes.

In the Wall Street Journal, Randy Kroszner reviews Sebastian Mallaby’s new biography of Alan Greenspan. (gated)

From this past May: David Harsanyi isn’t impressed with Bill Nye (“the science guy”).

As predictable as roiling seas and heavy rains in a hurricane are assurances from economically ignorant pundits that hurricanes and other destructive disasters are actually good for the economy.  (Indeed, even some economists fall for this nonsense.)  It’s maddening.  But Dan Sanchez pitches in to help us to maintain our sanity.

Alan Reynolds points to evidence that the availability of government welfare payments does indeed discourage work effort.  (Who’d a-thunk it?!)

Here’s the unedited footage of my and Scott Barton’s Learn Liberty livestream from yesterday afternoon.  (I apologize for the audio problems that plague the first few minutes.)


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