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Some Links

Here’s the great Steve Davies, at his Facebook page, effectively answering the question ‘Who is worse, H. Clinton or D. Trump?’:

I can only quote Dr Johnson “Sir, there is no point in establishing a matter of precedency between a flea and a louse”.

And also from a Facebook page – this one Bob Higgs’s – is this gem.  A slice:

Q: What is the chief political function of the news media in the USA?
A: To divert the public’s attention from what is important to what is trivial and thereby to ensure that fundamentals receive little or no discussion and hence play no role in political competition.

Sticking with the current, horribly sickening U.S. presidential campaign between two especially heinous individuals, here are Jeff Jacoby’s post-debate-II thoughts.  Jeff concludes with apropos thought:

In just four weeks, barring a miracle, one of these two deplorable and dishonest people is likely to be the president-elect of the United States. God have mercy.

John Tamny nicely exposes the unreality of Robert Atkinson’s case for being skeptical of free trade.

While I would go much further than he proposes, José Luis Pardo Veiras – writing in the New York Times – calls for the government of Mexico to decriminalize drug use.

Here’s my GMU Econ and Mercatus Center colleague Tyler Cowen’s Bloomberg column on Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström – the co-recipients of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economic Science.

Speaking of the Nobel Prize in Economic Science, Ed Glaeser reviews (in the Wall Street Journal) Avner Offer’s and Gabriel Söderberg’s new book on this Prize.

Terry Anderson explains that native Americans had private property rights.  Here’s Terry’s conclusion:

Non-Indians also will do well to stop promulgating myths as a solution to modern environmental problems. Especially in a multi-cultural society where worldviews vary widely, devolution of authority and responsibility offers the best hope for resource conservation. Rather than shunning property rights solutions, we should embrace them, as did our predecessors on this continent.