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Some Links

Many congratulations to Deirdre McCloskey for being awarded the 2016 Bruno Leoni Prize.  Scroll down on this link to hear Deirdre’s acceptance speech.

Mark Perry offers two suggestions to Pres.-elect Trump.

And here’s some advice to Trump from Richard Rahn.

Warren Meyer exposes the falsity of some anti-immigrant memes.

My colleague Tyler Cowen identifies some problems with Trump’s infrastructure plan.

Will Logan celebrates the productive consequences of “no” votes cast in markets.

Kevin Williamson writes wisely about Trump’s victory, and “Progressives'” loss.  A slice:

But those of you who are shaking in your Birkenstocks over the election of Donald Trump should consider the possibility that if the office of the presidency is that important to you, then perhaps the most intelligent course of action is not to pin your hopes on controlling it always and forever (something unlikely to happen under truly democratic processes) but to work toward making it less important – to you, and to everybody else, too.

Finally, my Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold reveals mistaken assumptions on which Trump’s trade stance toward China is based.  Here’s Dan’s closing paragraph:

If a President Trump is serious about promoting faster economic growth and job creation in the United States, he should scrap his misguided campaign promises about getting tough with China and seek to expand rather than sabotage what has been a mutually beneficial trade relationship.