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Some Links

T. Norman Van Cott explains how the inadequacy of property rights in Haiti makes the Haitian people more likely to be killed, injured, and further impoverished by natural disasters.

This essay by Brian Mannix is wonderful.  (HT David Henderson)

Here’s Arnold Kling on Jonathan Haidt and Scott Alexander on the state of American politics.

John Cochrane is understandably grumpy about the poor economic understanding of Los Angeles voters who summon the government to create more “affordable” housing.

Shikha Dalmia busts a favorite myth believed by many American conservatives.  Here’s her opening:

The American right has long been telling itself a simple morality tale that goes something like this: The white Christian establishment is the original source and continuing guardian of America’s tradition of liberty, free markets and limited government and minorities are a threat to it because they don’t share the same attachments. One of the major arguments that restrictionist right-wing pundits make for clamping down on immigration is that immigrants, hailing from Big Government countries, dilute these American principles.

This has always been nonsense. But Donald Trump’s election has turned this story on its head given that whites are the ones who voted for him because they wanted economic nationalism and protectionism. And minorities voted against him because they feared the loss of their liberties.

Johan Norberg continues, in this short video, his invaluable service of busting destructive myths.

My Mercatus Center Dan Griswold rightly hopes that TPP will be revived in the next Congress.