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In this video, GMU Econ alum (and Texas Tech economics professor) Ben Powell discusses international trade with Bob Murphy.

Glenn Greenwald advises the Democrats to look in the mirror to find many who are to blame for the coming exercise by President Trump of vast discretionary executive powers.

And here, more generally, on the dangers of a powerful executive (and powerful state) is the always-insightful David Boaz.  A slice:

President Obama, like President George W. Bush before him, built up the power of the presidency and the potential for abuse. Now he is handing that powerful presidency to a man he declared unfit to hold such power. Libertarians, liberals, and constitutional conservatives need to come together to rein in the powers of the executive and restore Congress as the constitutionally designated legislative body.

Richard Ebeling reminds us of an important part of the first U.S. Thanksgiving.

Baruti Libre Kafele is no fan of the welfare state.  A slice:

Welfare is financial or social support given to people in need. Prior to massive government involvement, charities, benevolent associations, friendship societies, and fraternities have historically been successful in providing relief to the needy.

The modern definition of welfare, also referred to as the welfare state, is the public administration and bureaucratization of charity. This means that welfare is no longer a voluntary and altruistic action of private citizens, but the governmental extortion of one group of people for the benefit of another.

Jacob Sullum explains why Jeff Sessions will almost certainly be a dangerous U.S. Attorney General.  (This cabinet pick is deeply distressing, if not at all surprising.)

I like this modest proposal by Arnold Kling.


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