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Some Links

Bob Higgs reflects on free markets, socialism, and the Christmas season.  Here’s Bob’s conclusion:

So, at this time of the year, let us remind ourselves not only of the love and compassion that Christmas calls forth, but also of the systemic economic underpinnings that permit people to express their love and compassion so effectively. The love of family, friends, and others is the greatest blessing, but the opportunity to live in a free-market society—even one as hogtied as ours—is also a great blessing.

In this splendidly named blog post, George Selgin favorably reviews Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan.

Marc Parry nicely surveys the debate between economists and historians over the role that slavery did and didn’t play in fueling capitalism.

David Henderson offers some hopeful thoughts about Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson.

David D. Friedman recently debated James Scott on anarchism.

Iain Murray details five destructive practices of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Matt Welch thanks John Stossel.

Mark Judge reviews Jackie.

Here’s Jim Powell’s remembrance of the late Ralph Raico.