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by Don Boudreaux on January 13, 2017

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Tom Woods graciously invited me back to be a guest on his radio show.  This episode was taped last Friday and aired on Monday.  In it, Tom and I discuss four of my book reviews that appeared in Barron’s.

My Mercatus Center colleague Scott Sumner has some probing questions about the G.O.P.’s “border-adjustable-tax” proposal.

Speaking of this “border-adjustable-tax” proposal, Stan Verger (much like Scott) predicts that, if it is enacted, it do great damage to the education, real-estate, and hospitality industries in the United States.

Do you know who Doris Leuthard is?

My Mercatus Center colleagues Veronique de Rugy and Matt Mitchell ask if more infrastructure spending will “stimulate” the U.S. economy in 2017?

GMU Econ doctoral candidate Jon Murphy explains why Trump’s tariffs won’t make America great again.

Walter Olson rightly applauds judges who resist presidential power grabs.

Tim Carney exposes Trump’s nominee for Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, as the crony capitalist that he is.  (HT Jesse Walker)


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