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Some Links

George Will rightly supports the Cato Institute’s call for an end to the “disparagement clause” – a 1946 legislative creation that gives the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the authority (as Will puts it) “to protect American sensitivities by denying trademark protection to ‘immoral, deceptive or scandalous’ trademarks.

I actually agree with Arnold Kling’s rather sanguine take on the likely consequences of Pres. Trump.  (Everything is relative.)  A slice:

What is true is that Mr. Trump and the professoriate have an adversarial relationship. Mr. Obama takes his world view from the faculty lounge of the sociology department, and he very much respected academic credentials. Mr. Trump is the opposite.

I think that credentialed economists deserve a bit more respect than what we receive from Mr. Trump, but much less than what many American Economics Association members seem to think we are entitled to.

John Graham rightly exposes the lousy economics of Obama’s Obamacare economists.

Will Logan is correct: protectionism will make America expensive again.

Sean Malone rightly celebrates the beautiful ideals of Hidden Figures.

Kevin Williamson rightly decries the primitive human instinct to cravenly follow political “leaders.”  (HT Warren Smith)  A slice:

The desire to rule is complexly mixed up with the desire to be ruled, just as the most masterful among us bow the lowest and grovel the most enthusiastically when presented with a strongman-savior. There is something atavistic in us that is older than the human part – the inner chimp – that makes those who listen to its voice keenly aware of their places in the social hierarchy. Even a predator instinctively recognizes a predator higher up the food chain.