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Some Links

FEE reminds us that Ludwig von Mises identified the link between national self-sufficiency and Nazism.

The Acton Institute’s Tyler Groenendal explains the immorality of “America First” economics.

Protectionism is inherently immoral. In all cases, it unfairly benefits a small, targeted group at the expense of entire countries. It invites conflict between nations, reinforces nationalist ideas, and impoverishes everyone in the process. Not only is restricted international trade economic lunacy, but protectionism is wholly incompatible with justice, morality, and reason.

Sarah Skwire sings the moral and spiritual praises of trade among all nations.  A slice:

Donald Trump claims that raising barriers to trade is one of the things it will take to “Make America Great Again,” but he is wrong. Greatness—both of wealth and of moral character—comes from trade. And we have known this for a very long time.

Steve Horwitz is correct: our standard of living is imperiled by trade restrictions.

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold will be among the participants in this January 30th Reason conference on immigration.

Cato’s Dan Ikenson calls Trump’s wall plan disgraceful, belligerent, and disastrous.  Dan is correct.

Ryan Bourne takes accurate aim at James Kwak’s recent poorly informed piece about the alleged short-comings of ECON 101.