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by Don Boudreaux on January 30, 2017

in Balance of Payments, Immigration, Taxes, Trade

Steve Chapman reviews the foolishness of the policy of “Buy American.”  (HT Warren Smith)  A slice:

Trump is never more certain than when he is completely clueless. The truth is that protection against foreign trade leads away from prosperity and strength. A country that deprives itself of foreign goods is doing to itself what an enemy might try to do in wartime—cut it off from outside commerce. It is volunteering to impoverish itself.

Also from Steve Chapman is this explanation of why Trump’s anti-immigration policies are likely to backfire.

John Tamny again warns of the dangers of the GOP’s proposed “border-adjustment” tax scheme.

Conservative columnist Michael Gerson has harsh words for Trump’s travel ban.

Sean Rosenthal explains that banning refugees is not vigilance, but cowardice.

Robert Samuelson is right that Trump is wrong on trade.

Georgetown University philosopher Jason Brennan weighs in on Trump’s ignorant and appalling economic nationalism.

Where do Chinese investments in the U.S. go, geographically?


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