Trump continues to stomp and snort as if he’s lord of a banana republic; in this case, he threatens to quiet the forces that are aligned against the banana-republic-like practice of civil asset forfeiture.  (Of course Trump sees no problem with civil asset forfeiture: banana-republic strongmen love such lawlessness.)

Richard Epstein understandably applauds Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.  (HT Steve Pejovich)

John Tamny explains the reality of trickle-down economics.  (HT Warren Smith)

Here’s Vincent Geloso on trade, immigration, and inequality.

Arnold Kling wisely notes that “The more radically you reform taxes, the more you risk creating new distortions, both foreseen and unforeseen.

Here’s Richard Rahn on the rise of private alternatives to government-issued money.

Art Carden rightly recommends Faustino Ballve’s Essentials of Economics: A Brief Survey of Principles and Policies.

I am very sad to learn that Hans Rosling died this morning.


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