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by Don Boudreaux on February 17, 2017

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Michael Strain rightly wonders why Trump believes it to be bad for the American economy for foreigners to invest in the American economy.  (While I agree with nearly all of the content and fully all of the thrust of Mr. Strain’s important essay, I wish that, in it, he would have not committed the common error of describing a U.S. trade deficit both as necessarily raising Americans’ indebtedness and as signifying that “we don’t save enough.”  Neither of these charges is correct.  More on these complaints in a later blog post.)

Mark Perry joins me in thanking, rather than scolding, non-Americans who choose to subsidize Americans’ consumption (and, because most American imports are raw materials or intermediate goods used to expand production in America, also Americans’ production).

Also from Mark Perry is this explanation of why trade with Mexico is great.

Vernon Smith spoke recently at the University of Southern California.

George Leef warns of an educational plague spreading across the land.

Speaking of campus foolishness, here’s Robby Soave on more of it.

Writing in the L.A. Times, Jacob Levy exposes the upside of political hypocrisy.

My colleague Dan Klein reveals the joys of Yiddish and economics.

Finally, students interested in free-market environmentalism will want to check this out.


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