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by Don Boudreaux on February 24, 2017

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T. Norman Van Cott makes visible what is invisible to protectionists such as (to name only a few) Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, Lindsey Graham, and Bernie Sanders.  A slice:

Giving up less to achieve the same objective means having more of other things.

Here’s the closing paragraph of my Mercatus Center colleague Nita Ghei’s latest essay in Investor’s Business Daily:

While the TPP was far from perfect, overall it enhanced freedom to trade. There is little reason to believe that bilateral treaties, if they emerge, will be superior to the TPP. In the interim, neither American consumers and businesses, nor our those of our trading partners will benefit at all.

Phil Levy weighs in on the Trump administration’s proposed scheme to cook the trade-account books.

Poetry from Bob Higgs.

Dillon Tauzin explains how minimum wages hamper learning and the acquisition of skills.

David Boaz reflects on the economic calamity for Brazilians of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Scott Sumner celebrates the benefits to Americans of immigrants from Syria.

Speaking of the benefits to Americans of immigrants, here’s Douglas French.

“Your papers please” comes to America.


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