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by Don Boudreaux on March 9, 2017

in Competition, Crony Capitalism, Health, History, Hubris and humility, Immigration, Trade

Antony Davies and James Harrigan explain that women prosper when markets are free.

Here are two lessons from Warren Meyer.  The first is that governments are losers at picking winners; the second is that protecting freedom for those with whom you disagree is essential if you wish to protect freedom for yourself.

Michael Cannon says that the GOP’s proposed health-care plan might be even worse than Obamacare.

Jeffrey Tucker surveys the ugly history of today’s alt-right.

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold remembers the late Clayton Yeutter.

Dan Ikenson asks if a U.S.-China trade war is inevitable.

George Leef reflects on the recent mob uprising at Middlebury College… as does George Will.  (One take-away: there’s much less difference between devout alt-righters and devout “Progressives” than is supposed by both alt-righters and “Progressives.”)

Shikha Dalmia exposes the immorality of Trump’s immigrant-deportation policies.


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