Alvaro Vargas Llosa describes Venezuela’s tragic fall into the abyss.

Tyler Cowen summarizes his take-aways from the discussion – on the capacities and incapacities of economics – sparked by this recent essay by Russ Roberts.  I especially like this point from Tyler:

The political process does not select for humble versions of empiricism.  Those end up with virtually no political influence, whereas some of the more dogmatic forms of empiricism may find some traction.

Jeff Tucker reminds us of John Ruskin and some other of modernity’s worst intellectual enemies.

Take a gander at Mark Perry’s latest explanation of creative destruction.

Arnold Kling likes Andrew Sullivan’s interpretation of the recent mob incident at Middlebury College.  And here is Richard Epstein are the same general topic.

Sam Staley reviews director Ted Balaker’s new documentary, Can We Take a Joke?

Here’s George Leef on a challenge to another recent battering of property and contract rights – through “regulation” – by the government of Seattle.

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold here summarizes his excellent new paper, “Plumbing America’s Balance of Trade.


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