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by Don Boudreaux on March 18, 2017

in Environment, FDA, Growth, Health, Legal Issues, Property Rights

Ryan Bourne points us to – and comments productively upon – an interesting paper by Martin Feldstein on U.S. economic growth.

David Henderson asks (in the context of today’s debate over government-supplied medical insurance pre-payments): what is a loss?

Speaking of the economics of health care (and of medical-care insurance), here’s an information-packed post by Steve Landsburg.

And for yet more wisdom on medical insurance, here’s Arnold Kling.

Bart Madden and Susan Dudley hope that the FDA becomes less officious and obstructionist – that is, less lethal.

Jeff Tucker is correct: every Taco Bell is a marvel!  (No hyperbole.)

Fred Smith and Iain Murray argue persuasively that the market is a far more reliable guardian of the environment than is the state.

My Mercatus Center colleague Jerry Ellig busts the myth that judges in the U.S. today are biased against regulations issued by government.

George Will has some questions for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.


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